Sweeney Automation is a custom equipment manufacturer specializing in solving unique problems in the manufacturing environment.  From designing and fabricating fully automated production systems to producing semi-automated work centers, we have the versatility to solve any manufacturing problem and increase productivity.  We provide a complete service beginning with concept development continuing through with design, fabrication, assembly, test, installation, training, and technical support.

Assembly Systems:
  • Rotary continuous motion two and three part assembly systems
  • Rotary Indexing assembly systems
  • Semi-automated steel rule die cutting
  • Tube crimping
  • Liquid and powder filling
  • Bottle capping and crimping
  • Riveting: Impact, Orbital, and radial
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic press work
  • Metal forming and crimping
  • Resistance welding
  • Conveyors and material handling
  • Pick and place assembly
  • Fixture design and fabrication
  • PLC control


Custom Assembly Systems

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